We are OPEN for business but all Lunula Laser treatment is currently suspended due to our equipment being held at our servicing centre.
We hope to restore these services very soon.

Our Services

Adrian Kriss & Associates and Laser Clinic offer a complete podiatry service, including routine treatments and general foot care.

Our key specialist services are:

  • Laser fungal nail infection treatments
  • Ingrown toe nail surgery
  • Veruccae curettage
  • Specialist sports, fitness and dance foot-care
  • Specialist children foot-care and surgery
  • Diabetic assessments and advice

Specialist Children Foot-care and Surgery

Caring for a child's feet will benefit their health, mobility and well-being throughout their life. We regularly advise parents on footwear, skin and nail conditions of their children, as well as perform ingrown nail surgery and verrucae treatments.

Specialist Sports, Fitness and Dance Foot-care

Specialist sports, fitness and dance foot care advice and treatments. We have a number of high-achieving athletes and dancers on our books and Adrian is a fitness enthusiast and a former dancer who knows first-hand the needs and challenges of active feet!

Laser Fungal Nail Infection Treatments

Quickly and safely treat your toenail fungal infections with the cold Lunula Laser or the hot, super powerful Fotona Laser. We offer the best laser technologies and podiatry techniques currently available in the US and in Harley Street, London.

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Ingrown Toe Nail Surgery

Our clinic offers a sterile environment necessary for this operative procedures and a team of experienced podiatry assistants to help make the surgery effective, quick and as comfortable an experience as possible.

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Verrucae Curettage

Adrian Kriss is the regional expert in verrucae currettage and ingrown toenail surgery. Over the past 30 years he has conducted hundreds of surgeries with 100% success.

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Price List

Fungal Nail Consultation
(Refundable on completion of Laser Treatment)
Hot & Cold Laser t/t per foot From £300.00
Initial Consultation
(Includes full podiatry assessment and treatment)
Further Consultations
(Treatment includes hard skin removal and nail cutting)
Nail Cutting Service*
(Terms and conditions apply)
Initial Home Visit*
(Terms and conditions apply)
Further Home Visits
(Terms and conditions apply)
Nail Cutting Home Visit
(Terms and conditions apply)
Verrucae Acid Treatment £18.00
Dressing Appointment £9.00
Verrucae Curretage From £275.00
Cryo Surgery for Verrucae
(Liquid Nitrogen)
Surgery under Local Anaesthesia
Single Toe PNA £295.00
Two Toes PNA
(Treatments include all dressings and 1,3 and 12 week check ups)
Bio-Mechanical Examinations
Full Bio-Mechanical Examination
(With prescription Orthoses, 2nd pair half price)

Heat Mouldable Orthotics
(2nd pair half price)

Off the Shelf Orthotics £45.00
Additional Temporary Orthotics £28.00
Laser Verrucae t/t per foot From £200.00
Laser Tattoo t/t From £75.00
Forensic Assessment & Report P.O.A.

The full fee may be charged for missed appointments
(Prices are subject to change. Please contact us for further information)

* including all dressings and necessary follow up appointments.

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