We are OPEN for business but all Lunula Laser treatment is currently suspended due to our equipment being held at our servicing centre.
We hope to restore these services very soon.

Adrian Kriss & Associates Surgical Procedures

Adrian Kriss is the regional expert in ingrown toenail surgery and verrucae curettage. Over the past 30 years he has conducted hundreds of surgeries with 100% success. Our clinic offers a sterile environment necessary for this operative procedures and a team of experienced podiatry assistants to help make the surgery effective, quick and as comfortable an experience as posiible.

"Came in all hot and bothered, went out relaxed with a feeling of well- being – thanks, Adrian!" - H.W.

Foot Verruca

Verrucae Curettage

Medication may not always be effective in treating warts and verruca.
Your wart or verruca may be removed under local anaesthesia by scooping it out using an instrument called a curette.

If you have multiple or mosaic warts, or are allergic to local anaesthetic, laser treatment of verrucae may be appropriate for you. This involves using a laser to destroy your wart and the blood vessels that supply it.

Book your consultation with Adrian, who will advise you on the best treatment method for you.

Treatment Fees

Consultation Charge

£40.00 - Payable at time of booking.

One verrucae curettage or a course of laser treatments

£200.00 - Including aftercare consultation.

"Many thanks for the treatment and good company from all. Very friendly and efficient" - P.B.